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Enquire Now carpet cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning uses evidence-based commercial carpet cleaning techniques and our team is trained in stain removal, anti-bacterial treatment, emergency spills and mould treatment. Our range of commercial carpet cleaning services in Perth extends to rug cleaning, fabric chairs, lounges and mattresses. Whether it be hot water extraction or encapsulation methods, we have got you covered! Prior to each job, we make sure to discuss carpet cleaning requirements and recommend the best course of action in each situation.

Hot Water Extraction

The first step when performing Hot Water Extraction for commercial carpet cleaning in Perth is to inspect the carpet – determining the type of flooring and which best technique to use.

This initial inspection is where our cleaners identify any stains or marks for this commercial carpet cleaning service in Perth. From there, we can decide which stain spotter is necessary to clean the carpets. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we are experienced in dealing with stains such as oils, blood, urine, food and dirt, so trust that we can identify the correct cleaning agent needed for your carpet.

It is important to take the time to prepare the room by removing any furniture, giving us space to maneuver our carpet cleaning equipment. After removing the furniture, we first do a thorough dry vacuum to remove any loose dirt from the flooring, paying close attention to edges, corners, and behind doors. Once complete, we pre-spray the floors with the appropriate carpet cleaning solution which instantly works on the stain or mark.

We then perform a deep clean of the carpets by using our Hot Water Extraction equipment. This cleaning machine injects hot water into the carpets to soften the material and make it easier for the cleaning agent to seep into the carpet. The Razorback wand and hose then extract the stains and dirt from the carpet. Through hot water extraction, the texture of your carpet will soften, making it easier to extract the stains and dirt. Through this cleaning equipment, we can make sure that no other colours are extracted from the carpet and that the quality of your carpet will remain. 

Once the carpet is free of dirt and stains, we then complete the process by using a carpet deodoriser before finally rinsing everything. We use a deodoriser to leave your carpets deeply clean and smelling fresh. With Hot Water Extraction, there will be some moisture that remains in the carpet which will require time to dry, so it is best to open windows and doors to circulate air and help speed up the drying process.


For the extra tough stains

If the carpets are badly soiled, we find the best method is to agitate the solution with a rotary machine, so the solution penetrates the carpets and helps loosen the dirt. We use soft brushes on our Rotowash which works perfectly.


For the stairs and furniture

Along with commercial carpet cleaning in Perth, we also use the same Hot Water Extraction process on stairs and furniture fabrics such as chairs and couches.  We use the smaller Sabrina Extraction Machine for these jobs.

Encapsulation Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Perth

When performing Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in Perth, it is important to follow the same initial process as with Hot Water Extraction cleaning.

Again, the first step is to inspect the carpet closely and determine the type of flooring and the best technique to use. We will simultaneously identify the stains that are present, allowing us to consider which stain spotter will be the most effective.

It is important to prepare the room by removing any possible furniture such as mats, chairs and tables. We then do a thorough dry vacuum to remove loose dirt from the carpet. We pay attention to edges, corners and behind doors.


Cimex Encapsulation Pads

Encapsulation is a completely different process from Hot Water Extraction. The Encapsulation solution is added to the reservoir on the Cimex Machine, and we then use Cimex Encapsulation Pads.

The cleaning solution is fed through the pads as they rotate on the carpet. The solution then penetrates the carpet leaving a white foam on the surface. The technology behind Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning is very simple and clever. As dirt clings to carpet fibres, we need to agitate the cleaning solution to free them from the fibres. This then allows dirt to be removed when vacuuming.

Benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

There are many benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in Perth. Carpets are dry easily as opposed to Hot Water Extraction where carpets will still be damp after the process. The equipment is also lighter and can easily move around offices and buildings. Most importantly, after Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, each time you vacuum more encapsulated dirt is removed.

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Walk Through the Hassle of Cleaning Commercial Carpets With Southern Cross Cleaning Services in Perth

Southern Cross Cleaning offers regular or periodic commercial cleaning, including carpet cleaning Perth services to all types of facilities or offices in the region. Using the latest equipment, we can remove any dirt and stains without damaging your carpets. Depending on the material of your carpet, as well as your cleaning requirements, we can go with the hot water extraction method (which requires extra time for drying) or the encapsulation method (which doesn’t require drying off). 

Depending on your schedule, we can conduct regular or periodic after-hours cleaning. Composed of a skilled team with years of experience, we can deliver excellent cleaning services and personalised customer service. Our dedicated Site Managers conduct site inspections to ensure that our team exhibits the highest standards of cleanliness in all our work. 

For more information on our range of commercial carpet cleaning services in Perth, please call us on (08) 9361 0866 or send us an online message.

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