Cleaning Chemicals For Perth

Enquire Now Staff conducting chemical cleaning in Perth by Southern Cross Cleaning Our experience in the commercial cleaning and office cleaning industry means we know what works best. Southern Cross Cleaning uses only the safest and highest quality cleaning chemicals. As a sustainably committed company, we choose to use environmentally friendly chemicals where possible. We use a variety of chemicals, differing at each of our client’s sites depending on surface conditions and needs, which is why it is important that we know what works best for you.

Common Cleaning Chemicals

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

We use this product on glass and mirrors, but it can also be used on hard surfaces such as desks, tables, and kitchen benches. For the best results, we dilute it in a spray bottle with cold water. Before wiping a surface, we first spray it directly onto a microfibre cloth.

Safety: Do not breath in or swallow, avoid contact with skin, avoid splashes in eyes.


Hard Surface Cleaner

This is to be used on hard floors such as tile and vinyl. We first sweep the floor removing and debris or rubbish. We then use a mop dipped in the solution and hot water to wet the entire floor, letting it sit. Next, it is important to scrub any heavily soiled areas with a hard broom. The mop must be rinsed and used on the floors to remove any excess water. ‘Wet Floor’ signs must always be placed before starting to mop.

Safety: Do not breath in or swallow, avoid contact with skin, avoid splashes in eyes.

Toilet and Urinal Cleaner

This product is perfect for cleaning toilet bowls and urinals. We use this chemical diluted in a squeeze bottle. When cleaning toilet bowls and urinals, we first flush the toilet and then apply the solution to the inside of the toilet bowl. It is important to wait for a few minutes, and then scrub with toilet brush, flushing to finish.

Safety: Do not breath in or swallow, avoid contact with skin, avoid splashes in eyes.

toilet and urinal cleaner at Southern Cross Cleaning

Hard Floor Maintenance Products

Vectra and Pinnacle

Vectra and Pinnacle are both Diversey products which we use for sealing vinyl floors. These products achieve great results and are easy to apply. Vectra is a fast-drying sealer; it is tough and leaves a shiny clean finish. Pinnacle is also quick drying and has a brilliant wet look finish.

vectra and pinnacle cleaning chemicals at Southern Cross Cleaning
pro strip hd cleaning chemicals at Southern Cross Cleaning

Pro Strip HD

Pro Strip HD is a high-performance floor stripper. We use it for removing sealer on vinyl floors in offices and commercial buildings. Pro Strip HD is great for removing tough sealers and finishes; it is water based and suitable for all stripping jobs. PPE is used by all staff when using this product.

Snap Back

Snapback is used when buffing vinyl floor to help maintain the high gloss finish we achieve when sealing floors. It is to be diluted in a spray bottle and then applied to the floor. We then use a high-speed polisher with red pad to buff the floor. This will help maintain the floor and leave a brilliant shine.

snapback cleaning chemicals at Southern Cross Cleaning


  • We prefer a minimum of 3 days per week.