Cleaning Equipment
For Perth

Enquire Now cleaning equipment at Southern Cross Cleaning It is essential to use good quality cleaning equipment and over the years we have found the best products which provide results. Southern Cross Cleaning chooses to use only the best. Our list of cleaning equipment is endless, but each item has a specific use and that is why it is important that we know what works.

Common Cleaning Equipment For Commercial Perth Industries

Southern Cross Cleaning is an experienced professional cleaning company with the knowledge and the tools to conduct a range of commercial, industrial and medical cleaning services. We only use tried and tested cleaning equipment and non-toxic cleaning chemicals for all our projects throughout Perth.

Mops and Buckets

We use Oates mops and buckets at our sites as they are the highest and most durable. The standard 450-gram industrial cotton mop is our first choice, and we use  it at the majority of our sites. We use specific colours for certain areas, red is used in washrooms, blue in kitchens and lunchrooms, and white on hard floors in public areas.

mop and bucket at Southern Cross Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaner

We undertake a lot of high-pressure cleaning of paving, concrete and tiles. We have a variety high pressure cleaning machines of different PSI and sizes which gives us the ability to do all jobs. We have 3 electric Stihl machines ranging in size 1200 to 1800 PSI; these are great for the smaller jobs and confined spaces. We also have 2 Petrol Honda machines that are 1400 and 3500 PSI which are more suited for external areas with no access to electricity.

Carpet Cleaner

We carry several Hot Water Extraction and Encapsulation machines and only use the best quality machines. Our go-to is the Razorback hot water extraction machine; it is extremely powerful and easy to manoeuvre around a building when cleaning. It has the added bonus of having an inlet for automatic filling and outlet for automatic removal of wastewater, making it very sustainable, efficient and time saving. Additionally, we use the Cimex CR48 for encapsulation; this machine has interchangeable pads and brushes and can also be used for scrubbing tiles and hard floors.

PacVac at Southern Cross Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaners

The Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaners are our preferred choice when it comes to vacuum cleaners. We use two types: The Super Pro and the Thrift. The Super Pro is a durable and powerful vacuum cleaner that suits the majority of sites we clean. The Thrift has been recently introduced which is perfect for smaller sites with minimal carpeted areas.

Floor Polisher

Although we carry several floor polishers our machine of choice is the Pacvac Polypro 400. This machine is quiet and easy to use. It has an anti-splash skirt, built in vacuum and has interchangeable discs for buffing, polishing, and scrubbing hard floors. This machine is great for all hard floor maintenance including wood, tiles and vinyl.

polisher at Southern Cross Cleaning


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