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Enquire Now Staff from Southern Cross Cleaning delivering professional cleaning in Perth Southern Cross Cleaning is a professional cleaning company undertaking a wide range of cleaning jobs in Perth Metro as well as surrounding suburbs throughout the region. Our skilled team can clean any site or facily regardless of industry.

Conducting Excellent Cleaning Jobs in Perth for a Range of Industries

Established in 1987, Southern Cross Cleaning is a local cleaning company providing a range of comprehensive cleaning services to different industries in Perth, Western Australia. We are an ISO Quality Endorsed Company and a recipient of the CleanSAFE Award for Occupational Health and Safety. Southern Cross Cleaning is also the first contract cleaning company in WA to be awarded the Work Safe Plan Silver Certificate of Achievement. We are also a Priority Access Employer for the Department of Education and Training which means we are qualified to conduct and deliver excellent services to all our cleaning jobs in Perth.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services typically include floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, area disinfection, bathroom cleaning and other general cleaning duties. We follow a strict cleaning checklist but we are flexible when it comes to specific requests such as areas you want us to focus on and your preferred cleaning schedule. 

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Office Building Cleaning

Our scope of work for our office cleaning service includes sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, common area cleaning (reception, lobby, etc.) window cleaning and many more. We can clean after office hours depending on your requirements. We can also supply cleaning consumables to promote good hygiene in the office. 

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Industrial Facility Cleaning

Utilising commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, our professionally-trained cleaners in Perth conduct services factories, warehouses and other facilities. Our services include high pressure cleaning, hard floor maintenance, decontamination and biohazard cleaning including mould removal and proper toxic waste disposal. 

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General  Cleaning Services

Our general cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping, taking out trash bins and other basic cleaning tasks. It can also include touch-point cleaning and disinfection, tile and grout cleaning, hardfloor maintenance and window cleaning, especially for commercial spaces, office buildings, medical facilities, schools and the likes.

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School Facility Cleaning

All Southern Cross Cleaning employees hold current National Police Clearances and Working With Children Checks to ensure the safety of school students and staff. With a Green Stamp Plus Certification, we meet the cleaning requirements for universities, primary schools, and secondary schools in Perth, Western Australia.

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Government Facility Cleaning

We are a qualified local cleaning company with over 230 years of experience providing services to government facilities and local councils in Perth and regional areas in Western Australia for our honest and reliable cleaning services. We work with discretion under a structured but customisable scope of work and flexible cleaning schedules.

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High Risk Cleaning Services

We appropriate non-toxic cleaning agents and biohazard cleaning products to restore the quality of the affected area, especially in cases that require blood, chemical and stain removal. We also conduct deep cleaning and disinfection services to ensure that all areas or the whole facility are sanitised and not contaminated.

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Medical Facility Cleaning

We clean hospitals and other medical facilities throughout Perth such as clinics, aged care homes and the likes. Our comprehensive service includes deep cleaning, touch-point cleaning, disinfection, biohazard cleaning and general commercial cleaning. We also conduct COVID-19 disinfection services when required. 

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Leisure Facility Cleaning

Our sports or leisure cleaning involves auto scrubbing, degreasing, and high-pressure cleaning of facilities like basketball courts, sporting clubs, gyms, arcades and other spaces that receive heavy foot traffic. We thoroughly clean walls and floors, deep clean exercise equipment, and disinfect common areas such as bathrooms and canteens.

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Custom and Flexible Cleaning Jobs Throughout Perth

Southern Cross Cleaning has decades of experience and is one of the most trusted cleaning companies in WA. We train our staff with specific cleaning techniques to accommodate the requirements of the different industries in which we perform cleaning jobs in Perth. We make sure to go above and beyond the cleaning requirements set by the Department of Health and meet the standards of the different industries. 

Our team of professionally-trained cleaners are equipped with the latest cleaning technology and techniques to successfully complete in-depth cleaning specific to our client requests. We utilise Time & Attendance software and an Employee Portal to assure you that we efficiently clean your property as scheduled, especially if it is after office hours. Our designated Area Managers also conduct periodical inspections to check the quality of our work and ensure that we meet and surpass all cleaning requirements.

For more information about our services or to make an arrangement, please don’t hesitate to phone Southern Cross Cleaning on (08) 9361 0866 for our cleaning jobs in Perth. Otherwise, feel free to browse through our website for more information about our range of cleaning services and then connect with us via our online contact form for a quote. 

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