Commercial Office Cleaning in Midland

Enquire Now Office Cleaning by Southern Cross Cleaning For comprehensive cleaning services in Midland, we are the best team for the job and we can deliver excellent results to all industries. As an experienced local cleaning company and over 30+ years of knowledge and work, we provide comprehensive cleaning at flexible arrangements and affordable rates.

Our Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Midland:

Sweeping, vacuuming & mopping

Emptying bins, rubbish recycling & disposal

Toilets, showers & change rooms

Offices, foyers & reception areas

Kitchens, tea prep areas & lunchrooms

Dusting blinds, skirting boards & partitions

Removing cobwebs

Glass & window cleaning

Keeping your office and building uncluttered and sanitary,

through professional commercial office cleaning in Midland.

To maintain a healthy and productive environment, regular cleaning is necessary as this promotes good hygiene and creates a pleasant work ambience. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we offer a range of commercial office cleaning services in Midland with customisable solutions and flexible cleaning schedules. Composed of a professionally-trained team equipped with the right tools and updated cleaning techniques, we conduct top-to-bottom cleaning of small offices and large commercial buildings.

Depending on your requirements, our typical scope of work will cover communal areas such as reception, hallways, bathrooms and elevators. We incorporate high-pressure cleaning, vacuuming, floor polishing and carpet cleaning along with touch-point cleaning. We only use food-safe chemicals when cleaning and disinfecting tables, especially in kitchens and lunchrooms. In addition, we can set up a waste management system where we can regularly pick up your bins. Our designated Area Managers will periodically check if all cleaning standards and client specifications have been met. And as a local cleaning company, we also source environmental-friendly cleaning consumables from local manufacturers and offer them to commercial offices in Midland at extremely competitive rates.

Cleaning Consumables We Can Provide:

Toilet paper

Hand Towels

Sanitary Services

Liquid Soap

Dispensing Equipment

Bin Liners

Southern Cross Cleaning tailors commercial cleaning services,

depending on each client’s requirements and preferences.

With over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry catering to a wide range of facilities in greater Perth, including Midland, Southern Cross Cleaning is one of the most trusted local cleaning companies in Western Australia. As a Quality Endorsed Company with a CleanSAFE Award for Occupational Health & Safety, we make sure to uphold the standards in the industry and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our years of knowledge and experience in the industry allowed us to understand what different types of facilities need and thus, we tailor our cleaning services to help uphold the standard of your business. Through total solutions software and an electronic auditing system, we make sure that our crew is always on time for all projects and that commercial and office cleaning checklists are completed. At Southern Cross Cleaning, all our services are available for periodical or regular cleaning and during after-office hours. We’ll make sure that no nook or cranny is left untouched with our professional cleaning services! 

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