Commercial Office Cleaning for the Perth Business District

Enquire Now Office Cleaning by Southern Cross Cleaning With a good range of commercial cleaning services, Southern Cross Cleaning is the go-to local cleaning company for the Perth Business District. We follow a structured commercial office cleaning checklist but we are flexible when it comes to specific requests such as what areas to focus as well as your preferred cleaning schedule.

Our Commercial Office Cleaning Services for the Perth Business District:

Sweeping, vacuuming & mopping

Emptying bins, rubbish recycling & disposal

Toilets, showers & change rooms

Offices, foyers & reception areas

Kitchens, tea prep areas & lunchrooms

Dusting blinds, skirting boards & partitions

Removing cobwebs

Glass & window cleaning

Southern Cross Cleaning is a local company,

with a range of commercial office cleaning services available at affordable rates and on a flexible schedule.

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in creating a productive work environment. With commercial spaces and offices receiving heavy foot traffic daily, dust and debris can accumulate. If cleaning is not regularly performed, it is hard to maintain a hygienic, healthy and welcoming environment for your staff and guests. To avoid this, regular cleaning by a professional company is recommended. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we offer detailed commercial office cleaning services in the Perth Business District with customisable solutions tailored to your industry requirements.

With experienced staff and commercial cleaning equipment, we can cover a lot of ground such as several office rooms or multi-storey commercial buildings. We conduct top-to-bottom cleaning including window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and counter disinfection. We can also set up a waste management system so that we can easily pick up your bins even on days when we are not scheduled to clean your facility. In addition to our commercial office cleaning services, we also supply consumables at extremely competitive rates. Sourced from local suppliers, we stock a range of environmental-friendly cleaning consumables perfect for commercial offices in the Perth Business District. These cleaning consumables can help promote good personal hygiene and encourage cleanliness, especially in common rooms. 

Cleaning Consumables We Can Provide:

Toilet paper

Hand Towels

Sanitary Services

Liquid Soap

Dispensing Equipment

Bin Liners

Flexible Commercial Office Cleaning solutions for Perth’s Business District,

with comprehensive and detailed cleaning services.

Southern Cross Cleaning has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry and is one of the most trusted local cleaning companies in WA. Our in-depth, tailored commercial office cleaning solutions have awarded us the CleanSAFE Award for Occupational Health and Safety and the Work Safe Plan Silver Certificate of Achievement.

We utilise Time & Attendance software and an Employee Portal to assure you that we efficiently clean your property as scheduled. Our designated Area Managers also conduct periodical inspections to check the quality of our work and ensure that we meet and surpass all cleaning requirements. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we go above and beyond to surpass the standards set by the Department of Health as well as the different commercial and business industries.

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