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Your Complete Office Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Properties

Keeping to a regular office cleaning routine will help make maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your property so much easier. With our complete office cleaning checklist, with daily, weekly and monthly tasks, knowing what to do when will be an absolute breeze. You can also use this checklist to ensure your cleaning crew are ticking all the boxes.

This complete office cleaning checklist is what our own team at Southern Cross Cleaning Services has been using for more than 20 years, so it’s tried and tested too. While every job is assessed for its unique needs, this checklist ensures we are covering all the bases. It’s how we manage to upkeep such high standards on every job, whether we’re cleaning Kingdom City in Perth, or one of our other commercial clients.

Your Complete Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Daily surface sanitisation, including desks and countertops.
  • Daily vacuuming and mopping.
  • Daily restroom sanitisation.
  • Daily kitchen sanitisation.
  • Daily waste disposal.
  • Daily and weekly high-touch point disinfection.
  • Daily and weekly consumable replenishment. 
  • Weekly or monthly floor polishing.
  • Weekly or monthly dust control.
  • Monthly window cleaning.

Surface Sanitisation

Surface sanitisation is an important daily step in any office or business. Ensuring all surfaces of the office, including desks, countertops and other surfaces, are disinfected daily will help eliminate germs and bacteria. This creates a healthier environment for your staff, clients and visitors. You must use a disinfectant made for office and commercial environments as they can be used on a range of surfaces and are made for high-touch environments.

Floor Care

Proper floor care not only helps maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your floors, but also their lifespan too. Daily vacuuming and mopping helps remove dirt, bacteria and dust, reducing the spread of germs, the risk of accidents and also improving air quality. While regular floor polishing helps increase the floor’s durability by removing scratches and scuffs. This is why it’s important to assess your flooring needs to assess how to best care for your carpets, tiles, polished concrete and other floor surfaces.

Restroom Sanitisation

Restrooms are notorious for harbouring germs and bacteria, and can quickly look rundown without regular cleaning and maintenance. Toilets, sinks, countertops and mirrors should be cleaned daily to help reduce the spread of germs, as well as maintain their appearance. You should pay close attention to high-touch areas, such as door knobs, and ensure consumables are always well-stocked, and waste bins are also emptied daily. Commercial-grade disinfectants made for bathrooms should be used to ensure proper cleaning without harming your surfaces.

Kitchen & Lunchroom Care

Even if your staff clean up after themselves in the kitchen and lunchroom, daily cleaning is essential for offices. Not only does daily cleaning help prevent the spread of germs, it gives your staff an inviting, clean space to enjoy their breaks. While wiping down benchtops, handles and other surfaces are important, ensure you are also cleaning inside and outside of the microwave, the fridge, and even the dishwasher and oven, if supplied. Providing kitchen cleaning consumables, like surface sprays, dishwashing liquids, sponges, hand towels and more can also help ensure your staff can keep your kitchen and lunchroom clean and tidy throughout the day.

Window & Glass Cleaning

Windows can be a big job, especially for multi-story offices. However, monthly or even quarterly office window cleaning, both inside and outside, is important for maintaining the appearance of your office and also to help preserve the life of your windows. If you have high-up external windows or even internal windows, hiring a professional window cleaner can help you reach every panel of glass safely. Professional window cleaners carry the equipment to reach any window and be able to clean off even the most stubborn stuck-on substance or grime.

Dust Control

Offices tend to have a lot of nooks and crannies that harbour dust, whether that’s tall shelves, behind computers, in carpets, air filtration systems and more. Daily and weekly dusting and surface cleaning can help keep dust at bay, reducing allergens and ensuring your office looks flawless. Reducing allergens can also help reduce the number of sick days your team needs to take long-term caused by dust-induced illnesses.

Waste Disposal

Whether you have communal bins, biological hazardous waste bins or even supply bins to each staff member, it’s important these are emptied in a timely manner to keep your office clean and tidy. Keeping bins empty is where having a flexible cleaning schedule can help you the most. For example, kitchen, bathroom and biological hazardous waste bins should be emptied daily, however, individual staff bins, paper bins and similar may only need to be replaced once or twice a week. A professional cleaner can help ensure your bins are kept emptied and are disposed of properly.

High-Touch Point Disinfection

High-touch points, like door handles, light switches, shared equipment, lift buttons, chairs in reception areas, stair railings and other areas should also be cleaned daily. As the surfaces are touched by many people throughout the day, they can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The natural human oils and other products on skin that touch these surfaces can also leave them looking worn or dirty, which can easily be taken care of by adding high-touch point disinfection to your daily cleaning checklist.

Consumable Replenishment

Consumables, like hand towels, toilet paper, bin liners and cleaning products, are important for helping keep your office clean in between your cleaners’ visits. Giving staff easy access to items to keep themselves and their environment clean and sanitary will increase the cleanliness of your office. Professional office cleaners, like Southern Cross Cleaning Services, will often have access to lower cost, high-quality consumables through bulk ordering. They can also keep them stocked on a weekly, daily or monthly basis depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Office Cleaning

How do professionals clean offices?

Professional clean offices by assessing the needs of the space and recommending a cleaning schedule to keep the property clean. They will often recommend daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces, replacing consumables, waste removal and more. With access to commercial-grade cleaning products and supplies, they can effectively eliminate dirt and bacteria.

How often should an office be cleaned?

Larger offices and basic surface disinfection should be done daily. Small offices and less-needed cleaning, like dusting, can be done once or twice a week. There are some tasks, like window cleaning and floor polishing, that may only need to be done monthly or even less frequently. A professional cleaner can create a cleaning checklist based on your specific needs.

What are the duties of an office cleaning service?

The duties of an office cleaner involve maintaining the cleanliness and sanitisation of your office. This includes surface and high-touch area disinfection, waste removal, kitchen and lunchroom cleaning, restroom cleaning, vacuuming and mopping, window cleaning and more.

Looking for a flexible office cleaner in Perth?

Southern Cross Cleaning Services has been providing effective, flexible office cleaning in Perth for more than 20 years. We customise every cleaning schedule to your needs, whether it’s daily cleaning services or irregular jobs, like window cleaning, high-pressure cleaning and more. Contact us to request a free quote.