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Enquire Now hard floor cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning is one of Perth's most experienced and trusted cleaning crew. We value healthy and safety in every commercial, industrial, medical and government facilities in the region. As such, we are entirely committed to offering dependable and consistent deep cleaning services in Perth.

Southern Cross Cleaning is an established company with over 3 decades of experience in the Deep Cleaning service industry in Perth.

When it comes to deep cleaning, Southern Cross Cleaning has been the local team to call for thorough cleaning services since 1987. Having a clean working environment is necessary, especially for office, commercial and medical facilities whose environments receive heavy foot traffic daily. By having a deep clean of every surface and nook and cranny, a facility can get the protection it needs and will avoid any risk of diseases. Southern Cross Cleaning takes great pride in our outstanding services! Our team is fully committed to providing the highest quality deep cleaning service in Perth. We operate 7 days a week to ensure the cleanliness and safety of every space in the commercial, medical, industrial and government sectors in Western Australia.

Here at Southern Cross Cleaning, our team is dedicated to:

  • Protecting People Against Diseases

One of the main reasons to opt for deep cleaning services is to protect your staff and clients against diseases especially when it comes to places that receive good a volume of people every day. Neglecting the importance of cleaning will just be more harmful than helpful. Having clean facilities will lessen their chances of acquiring any illness that they might encounter.

  • Improving Well-Being

Working in an environment that doesn’t practice proper hygiene and has a messy environment can be stressful. It can be harmful to both the physical and emotional health of your staff, resulting in unproductive work. Proper hygiene and frequent cleaning are essential to help reduce stress in a work environment and improve the overall productivity of your people. 

  • Customer Assurance

Having a clean area is one of the most important things to prioritise especially in a commercial, medical, industrial or government setting. Maintaining the cleanliness of different premises will earn more trust from your customers and gives the assurance that you care for their well-being and surroundings.

These are just some of the reasons why a frequent cleaning to every place is important and there are a lot more positive effects a proper cleaning can provide. As part of our risk management procedures, we perform thorough and complete checking of your premises from entrances, reception and waiting rooms so we can prepare the right types of equipment and procedures. Our cleaning staff are fully trained and experienced to comply with all health and safety requirements. Maintain the cleanliness of your premises with Southern Cross Cleaning today!

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we provide deep cleaning services for different sectors throughout Perth. Our comprehensive deep clean also includes general commercial cleaning, disinfection, waste management and many more. Our team of expert cleaners wear personal protective equipment and use eco-friendly grade cleaning chemicals and the latest equipment and tools to clean and dispose of debris, germs and toxic waste.

Our Deep Cleaning Services in Perth Include:

Eliminating mildew, grim and mould 

General Cleaning Services 

Disposal of Waste and Rubbish

Glass and window cleaning

Deep cleaning carpets and hard floors 

Entrances, reception and waiting rooms 

Kitchens and staff rooms 

Showers, toilets & change rooms

Thorough training for first-class deep cleaning in Perth

As our goal is to provide outstanding and premium deep cleaning in any facility in Perth, Southern Cross Cleaning ensures that every staff knows the proper cleaning procedure and has the right equipment for deep cleaning. Our staff receive comprehensive training in safety standards and cleaning techniques to ensure that we are providing the best service and fulfilling all cleaning protocols.

From staff rooms, entrances, toilets, etc., our area managers routinely inspect our client’s facilities and adjust the scope of cleaning if necessary – to ensure all safe cleaning practices are being met. This way, we guarantee to meet all your expectations and bring the best service you can depend on. All cleaning tasks are unique to our client’s requirements and can include regular or periodical cleaning services to upkeep those bigger jobs.

Importance of deep cleaning and proper hygiene in every workplace

Whether you’re in the commercial, medical, or industrial field, it is important to prevent diseases that can put your health at risk. One of the greatest methods to prevent infectious diseases is to practice good personal cleanliness. Washing your hands frequently and properly is one of the simple things yet important for us to avoid infections. Using soap to wash your hands will get rid of any bacteria that could make you sick. You can avoid infecting others with diseases by practising good personal hygiene. With good hygiene, you can lessen the likelihood of contracting diseases and getting sick from self-care-related problems. By not washing your hands, you are prone to health risks like:

  • COVID-19
  • Common colds
  • Flu
  • Meningitis

Diseases like these can affect anyone and can be very serious if not treated immediately. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we provide various cleaning consumables such as napkins, bins, soaps, and hand sanitiser dispensers to promote personal and common hygiene. We ensure to provide high-quality cleaning consumables at the most competitive rates. 

Cleaning consumables every place should have:
  • Tissues – one of the most quality products you can have. With just a cube-sized box, you can easily store it on your office desk or any table with limited space.
  • Hand soaps – a must for toilets, change rooms, restaurants, and other public places. With a push button or hands-free dispensers, you can easily apply it to your hands when washing which helps you prevent spreading germs.
  • Bin liners – are frequently found in desk bins, restrooms, and kitchens. Bin liners are simple to take out and replace.

These are just a few of the consumables you need to consider when maintaining the cleanliness around your vicinity. With the right area and appropriate consumables, you can simply mitigate the risk of spreading germs that can cause diseases. Southern Cross Cleaning is also dedicated to providing the appropriate consumables you must have at the most competitive prices. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

Experts in Deep Cleaning Services in Perth

Cleaners Trained to Meet All Health & Safety Requirements

Southern Cross Cleaning became the first cleaning company to be awarded the Work Safe Plan Silver Certificate Achievement in 2001. We are very proud to receive the Excellence Award given by the Minister for Training and received an ISO Certification. Here at Southern Cross Cleaning, we ensure to have a competent team when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness in Perth and we always value our clients’ needs.

As part of our risk control measures, we thoroughly follow all cleaning regimes and TouchPoint Cleaning Scopes. Our top-rated and comprehensive cleaning services have been fine-tuned and we will continue to do so based on health advice, ensuring a safe and superior service standard.

If you are looking for experienced and professional deep cleaning services in Perth, Southern Cross Cleaning is the team to trust! We have the experience and the equipment essential to conduct a deep and thorough cleaning of your premises. Get in touch with us on (08) 9361 0866 or send an online message to get a free quote.

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