Factory & Warehouse Cleaning Perth

Enquire Now Southern Cross Cleaning is Western Australia’s most trusted name when it comes to industrial cleaning services such as factories and warehouses. With over 34 of experience in the commercial cleaning industry you will be confident in our high-quality standards of cleaning

Our Factory Cleaning Perth Services Include:

General cleaning duties

Cleaning floors including concrete

Removing oils, grease dust & tire marks in and outside of buildings 

Eliminating hazardous health & safety threats such as mildew, grim, mould and dirt build up

Maintenance of bins, bin rooms & carparks

Comprehensive Cleaning From Top to Bottom

Nearly all factories and warehouses suffer from some of the most challenging cleaning problems such as dirt, grime and mould build up, which is why our clients call us for a specialist, evidence-based approach. Business owners often attempt to take on the task of warehouse cleaning and usually fail, with it proving to be too difficult. The truth is, hiring a professional cleaning company like us, will ensure you get the job done right, get back your valuable time and save you money in the long run. 

Maintaining and cleaning a warehouse or factory can be an overwhelming and challenging task, but not for us. We have a dedicated team of experts who are trained and competent in all aspects of industrial commercial cleaning. Our employees are specialists in cleaning hard to reach places, working at heights and with hazardous chemicals. We have extensive knowledge on all safe cleaning practices and use the equipment required to get the job done quickly, safely and professionally. Additionally, we provide appropriate cleaning procedures which include regular inspections and audits, helping eliminate potential health and safety hazards. If you are needing qualified and reliable industrial cleaners that exceed your expectations, we can help you.