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Enquire Now Factory Cleaning is available in Perth through Southern Cross Cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning is one of the most trusted names for comprehensive and affordable factory cleaning in Perth. With over 3 decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and rich knowledge of industrial warehouse cleaning processes and methods, our high-quality solutions guarantee satisfaction for all clients!

Southern Cross Cleaning is renowned throughout WA for its industrial and warehouse cleaning services, including factory cleaning in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

All factories and warehouses need proper and regular cleaning to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Experience also shows that having sanitised common areas and clean spaces help promote good hygiene and encourages productivity. Having clean floors, windows and surfaces also help prevent contamination of what’s manufactured in your factory. Southern Cross Cleaning is a professional cleaning crew that conducts warehouse and factory cleaning services in Perth.  

As one of the most trusted cleaning companies in Perth, we offer customisable and flexible warehouse and factory cleaning services all across the region. Over the last 30 years, we have fine-tuned our cleaning procedures and technologies allowing us to provide a service second to none. Your factory can trust Southern Cross Cleaning to provide experienced and thorough cleaning for your business!

Our Warehouse and Factory Cleaning Perth Services Include:

We proudly provide a range of leading cleaning services for factories throughout Perth.

General factory cleaning duties

Cleaning floors including concrete

Removing oils, grease dust & tire marks in and outside of buildings 

Eliminating hazardous health & safety threats such as mildew, grim, mould and dirt build up

Maintenance of bins, bin rooms & carparks

Comprehensive Factory Cleaning From Top to Bottom

Maintaining and cleaning a warehouse or factory can be an overwhelming and challenging task, but not for us. For each site, we have an in-depth scope of work specific to our client’s individual requests to ensure that we meet their requirements and expectations. Our dedicated team of experts who are trained in all aspects of industrial commercial cleaning, follow the latest cleaning methods and use high-quality cleaning equipment. 

At Southern Cross Cleaning, our cleaning crew also specialise in specific areas such as cleaning hard-to-reach places and handling hazardous chemicals. We also work at heights for window building cleaning and use eco-friendly solutions for factory floor cleaning. Regardless of the type and volume of waste produced in your factory, we can properly handle and dispose of hazardous wastes. We can also set up an effective waste management system which we can pick up even on days we’re not scheduled to clean your factory. 

We have extensive knowledge of all safe cleaning practices and use the equipment required to get the job done quickly, safely and professionally. Further, Southern Cross Cleaning also provides regular inspections and audits which can help to eliminate potential health and safety hazards. Sourced from local small companies, we also have a range of cleaning consumables available for in-house cleaning.  

A Cleaning Service Second to None

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we have over 30+ years of experience providing long-term periodical and full-time cleaning services, and fulfilling cleaning requirements to a various range of commercial and industrial companies. If you need qualified and reliable industrial cleaners that exceed your expectations, Southern Cross Cleaning is here to help your business! From sweeping and polishing floors to taking out toxic wastes and sanitising bathrooms, our factory cleaning services and solutions will be customised depending on your unique needs. Our evidence-based approach involves upfront quotes alongside photographs of affected areas prior to treatment. 

Get in touch with Southern Cross Cleaning on (08) 9361 0866 or send us an enquiry for more information about a trustworthy cleaning team.

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