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Enquire Now Secure tile cleaning in Perth with Southern Cross Cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning specialises in grout cleaning, and we have done so for many years. We clean and seal tiles and grout in commercial and private offices in Perth, buildings, warehouses, schools, medical facilities, caravan parks, universities, shopping centres, supermarkets and sporting complexes across Western Australia.

Southern Cross Cleaning are qualified grout cleaners in Perth that uses hi-tech cleaning equipment and techniques.

We undertake deep cleaning of tiles and grout in wet areas including toilets, showers, change rooms and kitchens and so on. Grout cleaning is recommended for ongoing maintenance and to improve hygiene and health safety for your employees. This includes stripping and sealing, and the application of sealers and protectors.

We use two different processes for tile and grout cleaning in Perth; one being high-pressure cleaning and the other being “clean and capture,” which involves using the razorback and hybrid dome machines.

The first step in our approach to grout cleaning is to identify what cleaning approach will be the most appropriate one. We generally use the high-pressure cleaners in wet areas that have suitable drainage, while we use the hybrid grout cleaner in areas that we want to minimise the use of water because there is no, or poor, drainage.

Using High-Pressure Equipment for Grout Cleaning

We have a variety of high-pressure cleaning machines ranging in size from 1500 psi to 4500 psi. Typically, the smaller machines are used for internal use and the larger machines are used for external work. In some cases, it is also a requirement that, prior to commencing any high-pressure work, we make sure that fire detection equipment in the facility has been isolated. We coordinate with the facilities managers and/or the owners of the building.

Before we start grout cleaning, we place ‘Wet Floor’ and ‘Cleaning in Progress’ signs at all entrances to the area where we are working. All furniture, bins, mats, sanitary disposal units and consumables are removed. We then apply the appropriate cleaning solutions to the grout areas; this may include floors, walls, showers, toilets, basins, and urinals. 

When all grout areas are covered we then agitate the solution with either brush, the Rotowash, or floor scrubbers. The solution is then left to sit for a short time, after which all areas are high-pressure machine cleaned. To finish we squeegee, wet vacuum, and mop the floors dry. All surfaces, mirrors, walls, and partitions are dried and polished, and all furniture and equipment are returned.

In all cleaning work, it is essential that correct dilution rates are followed and that Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are easily accessible. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we also make sure that our cleaning staff are equipped with PPE which includes ear protection, glasses, gloves, suitable waterproof boots and long sleeve shirts and pants. 

Grout Cleaning using Clean and Capture

The Clean and Capture is very similar to high-pressure cleaning and requires the same pre-start setup, dilution, PPE and safety procedures. The difference is that we need to use the Razorback Extraction machine with the hybrid dome and can only use this machine on tiled floors. The hybrid dome has two enclosed spinning high-pressure cleaning jets that blast the tiles and grout. Then, on the edge of the dome, wastewater is immediately extracted to leave no residue or excess water. 

Both techniques achieve similar results on tiled floors in terms of cleanliness, but the great advantage of using the hybrid is that it can be used in dry areas such as kitchens, passages and tiles near carpet because it leaves the floor dry immediately after being cleaned. An added bonus is that we have the ability here to recycle the water and reduce the environmental impact. 

Fast & Effective Grout Cleaning Process

With over 3 decades of experience in the cleaning industry, you can trust that Southern Cross Cleaning will leave your facility clean and orderly, leaving no trace of our footsteps. Our Area Managers shall make sure that all safety protocols are followed and all our work and cleaning standards are up to par. For more information on our grout cleaning services, please call us on (08) 9361 0866 or send us an online message

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