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Enquire Now St John of God hospital in Perth is frequently cleaned by Southern Cross Cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning offers an experienced and holistic Hospital Cleaning service throughout Perth and regional locations. We have extensive medical cleaning experience and are highly preferred by our clients. Alongside hospitals, we also provide cleaning for medical centres, local clinics, dental surgeries and General Practitioner facilities.

Southern Cross Cleaning is an established hospital cleaning business in Perth with over 3 decades of experience in the industry.

Keeping your hospital facility clean, hygienic and safe is incredibly important, especially in the health sector. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we provide cleaning services for hospitals and other medical facilities throughout Perth. Our comprehensive service includes deep cleaning, disinfection, biohazard cleaning and general commercial cleaning. We also conduct COVID-19 disinfection services when required.

All cleaning tasks are unique to our client’s requirements and can include regular or periodical cleaning services to upkeep those bigger jobs. Since hospitals and clinics must be kept clean at all times, we can also set up a waste management system that encourages correct segregation especially when it comes to toxic and non-toxic medical waste. Our staff can regularly pick up your bins and disinfect all concerned areas according to your preferred schedule. 

Our Hospital Cleaning Services Include:

Disinfection and hygienic services 

General Hospital Cleaning Services 

Disposal of Waste and Rubbish

Medical assessment and consultation rooms

Deep cleaning carpets and hard floors 

Entrances, reception and waiting rooms 

Kitchens and staff rooms 

Showers, toilets & change rooms

Thorough training for first-class hospital cleaning services in Perth

Our hospital cleaning crew receive comprehensive training in safety standards and medical centre cleaning techniques to ensure we are providing the best service with each assignment. All our hospital cleaners in Perth also wear personal protective equipment and use eco-friendly grade cleaning chemicals along with the latest equipment and tools to clean and dispose of debris, germs and toxic waste. We also have Area Managers that routinely inspect our client’s facilities and adjust the scope of cleaning if necessary, to ensure all safe cleaning practices in Perth are being met. 

Practising hygiene is essential in Perth hospitals and medical facilities

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we have a supply of various eco-friendly cleaning consumables such as napkins, bins, soap, hand sanitiser dispensers and more available for our clients. Sourced from local WA manufacturers, we always have a steady supply when needed. Having these necessities can not only prevent rubbish or waste build-up but can also promote proper hygiene by having the consumables to regularly clean and disinfect your hands to prevent germ transfer, especially in a hospital where every element can have an effect on a person’s recovery. 

Experts in Cleaning Perth Hospitals

Perth Cleaners Trained to Meet All Health & Safety Requirements

As part of our risk control measures, we thoroughly follow all cleaning regimes and TouchPoint Cleaning Scopes, especially for medical facilities including hospitals and clinics. Our hospital cleaning services have been fine-tuned and we will continue to do so based on health advice, ensuring a safe and superior service standard. If you are looking for an experienced and professional hospital cleaning company in Perth or a local but experienced crew with medical centre or clinic cleaning services, Southern Cross Cleaning is the team to trust! We have the experience and the equipment essential to conduct a deep and thorough cleaning of your premises.

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