Industrial Cleaning Services in Perth

Enquire Now A worker inside industrial warehouse cleaned by Southern Cross Cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning has been providing industrial cleaning services to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, workshops, factories and other industrial premises in Perth for over 20 years. We do high-pressure cleaning, biohazard cleaning and waste disposal, deep cleaning and many more.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services in Perth Include:

High Pressure Cleaning

Sustainable Waste Management

Graffiti removal



Hard floor cleaning and maintenance

Mould removal and remediation 

Biohazard & high-risk cleaning and disinfection

Loading dock maintenance



Trained Professionals providing High Quality Service

Southern Cross Cleaning has a dedicated team trained in conducting industrial cleaning services in Perth, ensuring we continue to provide our clients with the highest quality services. It is important for industrial facilities to maintain standards of cleanliness to help prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, grease, stains, rust and any other harmful substances. 

Industrial cleaning is often carried out in risky conditions such as performing in confined spaces, at heights, or with hazardous chemicals, which is why hiring an experienced and well-equipped cleaning company should be a priority. Industrial cleaning procedures usually involve the use of chemical solutions or solvents which are hazardous and can be toxic if not handled correctly. Southern Cross Cleaning’s team of trained professionals are prepared for any circumstances that may arise and focus heavily on safe practices and standards.  

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