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School Cleaning Services in Perth

Enquire Now As industry leaders in the commercial cleaning sector, Southern Cross Cleaning has the experience, knowledge and professional staff to provide the highest quality cleaning services to schools and educational facilities throughout Perth & Western Australia.

Learning institutions are an investment in children’s future, and they need a safe, sanitary environment to learn and thrive in. Unfortunately, school environments are known to be breeding grounds for germs. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we can ensure that your school’s cleaning needs are met with our competitive prices, outstanding service and attention to detail. Our cleaning services use non-toxic cleaning solutions to ensure the health and safety of both the students and staff. As a Green Stamp Plus-certified local cleaning company in Perth, we make sure to only use food-safe solutions especially when cleaning and disinfecting tables in school canteens or cafeterias. 

Our General Education Facility and School Cleaning Services Include:

Emptying rubbish and recycling bins 

Keeping bathrooms, toilets and showers hygienic and sanitary

Dusting, removing cobwebs, and glass cleaning

Sweeping, vacuuming & mopping

Carpet cleaning and deep tiles and grout cleaning 

Strip and sealing

Reception, foyer, board room and desk cleaning

Southern Cross Cleaning is a trustworthy local company providing School Cleaning Services in Perth since 1987

In addition to meeting and surpassing cleaning requirements for universities, primary schools, and secondary schools, we perform extensive background checks on all employees to ensure student and instructor safety. All Southern Cross Cleaning employees hold current National Police Clearances and Working With Children Checks to ensure the safety of school students and staff. As a professional commercial cleaning company with over 30+ years of experience, we make sure to not only meet your cleaning requirements but surpass the cleaning standards that you are used to.

Offering consumables at a competitive rate

Alongside regularly maintaining our clients’ facilities, we also provide periodical cleaning services to all educational facilities and schools across Western Australia including universities, primary schools, secondary schools and training & vocational schools. In addition to school cleaning services, we also offer consumables at extremely competitive rates. Our clients find this to be the easiest and most reliable method of ensuring schools, learning facilities and institutions are efficiently equipped and organised. 

Consumables we provide include:

Toilet paper

Hand Towels

Sanitary Services

Liquid Soap

Dispensing Equipment

Bin Liners

Applying the best cleaning approach to Perth Schools

Our 3 decades of experience in the private and commercial cleaning industry allow us to fine-tune our cleaning techniques for every sector. When cleaning schools and other educational facilities in Perth, we make sure to take extra care in everything that we do to create a safe and nurturing environment for the students and the staff. From cleaning classrooms to sanitising bathrooms, our range of commercial school cleaning services can be tailored to suit your needs. If you are looking for safe and efficient school cleaners, get in touch with Southern Cross Cleaning on (08) 9361 0866 or send us an enquiry for more information.

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