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Cleaning Perth

Enquire Now Girls playing basketball inside sport leisure centre cleaned by Southern Cross Cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning has a range of services for Sports Facility Cleaning in Perth. As leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, we have a quick response time and deliver consistent cleaning results regardless of facility size, including interior courts and outdoor spaces.

Practice good hygiene with regular Sports Facility Cleaning.

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we encourage regular cleaning of indoor and outdoor sports facilities to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs. We can thoroughly clean walls and floors, deep cleaning exercise equipment, and disinfect common areas such as bathrooms and canteens. Our range of cleaning services are customisable depending on the type of your sports facility and are available as regular or periodical cleaning services. 

Our Sporting & Leisure Centre
Cleaning Services:

General cleaning duties

Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Tiles & Grout Detailing


High Pressure Cleaning

Disinfection Services

Change rooms, showers and toilet areas

Foyer, reception, offices and carparks

Toilets and disposing of recycling rubbish

Glass cleaning & Cobweb Removal

We are Fit for the Job!

Our decades of experience allows us to personalise our commercial services depending on the needs of our clients. This includes coming in at your preferred time for regular or periodical cleaning. We also have site inspectors to ensure that we meet the cleaning standards of your sports facility. Our cleaning services include auto scrubbing, degreasing, high-pressure cleaning and other solutions to ensure the health and safety of your staff and your patrons. We also have cleaning consumables to help you promote good hygiene with the day-to-day demands.

Personalised Sports Facility Cleaning Perth Services

Southern Cross Cleaning has the experience, skills and equipment to properly and thoroughly clean public areas such as sports facilities in Perth. Our team of cleaners are professionally trained and are knowledgeable about the specifics of cleaning and disinfecting large public areas such as gyms and sports facilities. If you are looking for a trustworthy local cleaning company to get the job done quickly and responsibly, get in touch with Southern Cross Cleaning on (08) 9361 0866 or send us an online enquiry for more information.

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