Supermarket Cleaning & Trolley Collection in Perth

Enquire Now Supermarket trolleys outside of store cleaned by Southern Cross Cleaning Southern Cross Cleaning operates a reliable, safe and professional supermarket cleaning and trolley collection service in Perth. We are known for our consistent, high-quality services and are experienced in this sector, cleaning supermarkets and providing trolley collections on a daily basis.
With Green Stamp Plus environmental accreditation, Southern Cross Cleaning leads the way in Supermarket Cleaning in Perth.

As an established commercial cleaning company in Perth, we have the experience and the tools to conduct deep and thorough supermarket cleaning along with regular sanitation of countertops, floors, and trolleys. Our range of cleaning consumables such as hand soaps and gloves can also ensure proper hygiene, especially when handling fresh produce. 

Our General Supermarket Cleaning Services Include:

We provide the following general cleaning services to supermarkets throughout Perth.

General Cleaning Duties

Collecting Trolleys

Rubbish, recycling & disposal

Sweeping, vacuuming & mopping

Maintenance of bins, bin rooms and carparks

Toilets and change rooms

Kitchens, tea prep areas & lunchrooms

High pressure cleaning and building wash down

High rise cleaning and, window cleaning

Tile and grout maintenance

Unmatched, Flexible Supermarket Cleaning Services

We are flexible and accommodating with our servicing hours and cover everything including car parks, loading docks, store interiors and external buildings. We can complete our cleaning during, before or after hours depending on your needs. We proudly provide a service that is unmatched and meets all Occupational Health and Safety requirements. As a holder of the Green Stamp Plus environmental accreditation, Southern Cross Cleaning only uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions for supermarkets and food courts. 

We also use the latest cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure supermarkets are maintained in the most sanitary way. Additionally, we also offer consumables and chemicals to our clients for an easy, one-stop cleaning service.

Customised to Your Needs

Specifically for you.

We lead the industry because we care. Keeping your supermarket clean, hygienic, and safe is important, future operations and revenue rely on the appearance of your building and this is where we can help you.

We know that cleaning supermarket facilities requires experience and a clear vision. We go above and beyond to provide the highest quality services.

We can perform deep cleaning for facility washrooms, including tile and grout surfaces, and stripping and sealing of vinyl floors to ensure that these high-risk areas remain sanitary.

We understand how important it is to provide a safe environment that is beneficial to your business. We can be trusted to hold all of our staff members accountable to ensure the highest standards are being consistently delivered. Regularly scheduled supermarket inspections carried out by cleaning Area Managers ensure these standards are being met.

If your business is in need of professional quality cleaning, you need a company you can trust to provide only the best supermarket cleaning services. 

Benefits of Working With Us:

  • Reasonable 

  • Easy going 

  • Adaptable

Staff from Southern Cross Cleaning delivering professional cleaning in Perth

Southern Cross Cleaning uses the latest technology and cleaning innovations available to provide a service that ensures a safe sanitary workplace for customers and employees. Our supermarket cleaning and trolley collection Perth services can be customised depending on your needs. We’re an experienced and trustworthy team in Perth and are here to help your business! Get in touch with Southern Cross Cleaning on (08) 9361 0866 to get a quote or send us an online enquiry for more information.

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