A drop of rain on leave for sustainability Southern Cross Cleaning is committed to protecting the longevity of our environment and we are passionate about our contributions. We are diligent in training and educating all employees, clients and suppliers in sustainable practices.

We incorporate sustainability in all that we do. Our training provides the education and skills for our employees to become conscious in best practices regarding environmental, social and economical influences in all levels of our company and community.

Southern Cross Cleaning is morally conscious

 of our role in protecting and improving our environment and community.

We aim to incorporate the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our everyday operations and promote the 3 foundational pillars of Sustainable Development: 

Environmental Commitment

We are an environmentally friendly business, with a commitment to protecting all environmental aspects impacted by our works being undertaken.

It is company policy to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse emissions through training and a pro-active approach to maintaining a very high standard of plant and equipment. Our Environmental Management System complies with ISO14001:2015. We hold a Certificate of Environmental Accreditation (Green Stamp) and carry out our work in accordance with all relevant State and Commonwealth environmental legislations.

Southern Cross Cleaning implements our personal standards at all levels within the company. We continue to review and improve our systems and processes, with a focus on limiting our impact on the environment through accountability and ethical practices. We promise to act as leaders in the industry by implementing sustainable methods and technologies with the intention of minimizing our footprint on the environment. 

Environmental Initiatives

We have redefined our processes and the ways cleaning tasks are performed, effectively removing contaminants without compromising the environment.

This is something we focus on strongly. Ensuring a wholesome culture within our company benefits our employees and clients. It is something that can be demonstrated in all aspects of work and life. An important part of Southern Cross Cleaning’s culture is to show respect for all employees and clients and to make sure we always have open and honest channels of communication with the people we work with. 

Some of our environmental initiatives include:

  • Approved Green Chemicals
  • Energy efficient equipment and vehicles
  • Microfibre cloths and mops
  • Paperless technology (iAuditor, TEMPLA, Employee Portal & Time and Compliance)
  • Energy saving, water wise and waste minimisation at client’s sites

Social Commitment

Supporting our community is important, we build links and partnerships in the community where we can provide business and financial support.

We seek to align ourselves with like-minded organisations so we can work together and provide socially beneficial outcomes for the community.

As a Western Australian owned and operated business, we understand the importance of supporting local and as such we only purchase supplies from other WA-based businesses. We recruit local staff from areas in proximity to our sites and use the services provided by Government agencies that help people with disabilities, the long term unemployed and trainees. 

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a broad and evolving issue which can be defined as a crime against humanity. We are committed to respecting all human rights and comply with the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. Southern Cross Cleaning operates lawfully and ethically. We only work with clients, suppliers and sub-contractors who align with our core values. Our Modern Slavery policy protects the safety and wellbeing of all products, services and employees in our supply chains. Internal auditing systems safeguard the protection of these people and ensure compliance is met. Corporate social responsibility, environmental and workplace safety protection, staff inclusion and diversity are essential to our social commitment.

Our stance against modern slavery has introduced goals that we implement in our everyday practices. 

  • We conduct training for all employees on modern slavery to educate them and raise awareness
  • Only engage in business with organizations who openly and honestly adhere to Australian Industrial Relations Law
  • Encourage our clients and supplies to make their own commitment
  • Continuously review and improve our social commitment
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We are proud members of SEDEX, an international organisation that provides a platform to manage and improve working conditions in the global supply chain. SEDEX has over 60,000 member organisations from over 180 countries who use this platform to exchange data, manage business risk, meet compliance, and drive positive impact for people. We encourage all our suppliers, clients and contractors become members of this organisation.

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Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network (ACAN)

We work closely with the Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network (ACAN) to identify and manage modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains. We are obligated to report on our actions through our annual Modern Slavery Statement as required by the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Act. ACAN supports us in planning real actions on the ground, teach all management members on these issues and developing risk assessments, policies and documents. Our managers often attend seminars and online training to further enhance our education on issues surrounding modern slavery in supply chains and how we can be involved in improving working conditions.

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Equal Opportunity

Southern Cross Cleaning’s established environment encourages and welcomes people from all walks of life. That is why we have our Equal Opportunity Policy. Our online training ensures each employee and contractor becomes familiar with our company’s ethos and what we stand for. This is an important part of our training. Southern Cross Cleaning’s employees must uphold our values. We do not tolerate any discriminative behaviours within the workplace and have serious structures in place to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and clients. We are a well-respected commercial cleaning company in Perth, who are known for doing the right thing within all levels of work. 

Economic Commitment

We are dedicated to giving back to the community, it is vital for Southern Cross Cleaning to contribute to and support our local community.

Social responsibility is embedded in our culture and workplace, embraced by all staff from the Chief Executive Officer down. We differentiate ourselves by being a company that embodies a proven Local First approach, committed to continuously supporting and improving the lives of everyone who comes in contact with our business. We have a ‘Buy Local’ policy and only purchase equipment and services from Western Australian and locally based businesses.

Some of our most recent economic commitments include charity, discounted services for various non-for-profit organisations and clients, providing stable employment and training to local community members. We are a commercial cleaning company who has made an economic commitment to do the right thing by taking measures which ensures the wellbeing and safety of our community, benefitting local communities and encouraging economic growth.


  • We prefer a minimum of 3 days per week.