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Discover why sustainable commercial cleaning is so important, reducing your environmental impact and how to find a sustainable commercial cleaner.

The Importance of Sustainability in Commercial Cleaning


When we think about sustainability, our minds often turn to solar power, recycling and even sustainable materials. But there are many ways we can do our part for the environment and community, including knowing the importance of sustainability in commercial cleaning.

Commercial cleaning products are often higher-grade than your average household sprays and wipes, which can be damaging to our waterways and environment; even us. This is why it’s important to aim to find a sustainable commercial cleaner who knows how to prioritise hygiene and cleanliness while still being kind to the planet. 

To help you know what to look for when finding a sustainable commercial cleaner, we have put together a list of things to consider. And if you’re in Western Australia, our Perth commercial cleaners tick all the boxes so are more than happy to provide a quote for your job.


What is sustainable commercial cleaning and why is it important?

Sustainable commercial cleaning refers to the practices and products utilised in the cleaning of commercial spaces that minimise environmental impact while still effectively removing dirt, grime and pathogens. This may include the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, energy-efficient cleaning equipment and techniques that minimise waste. But is it really that important?

Adopting sustainable commercial cleaning practices or hiring sustainable commercial cleaners is very important for helping mitigate the environmental footprint associated with traditional cleaning methods. Conventional methods often contain harsh chemicals that can harm ecosystems when disposed of improperly, leading to water and soil pollution. This can have carry-on effects for our wildlife and even the foods we eat. 

By adopting sustainable practices, businesses can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution. Plus, sustainable cleaning can enhance indoor air quality and promote a healthier environment for employees and customers, which can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction. Ultimately, investing in sustainable commercial cleaning not only benefits the planet but also creates a safer and more sustainable work environment for all stakeholders involved.

How to Find a Sustainable Commercial Cleaner


1. Look for a Certificate of Environmental Accreditation.


Cleaners and businesses who are serious about their environmental impact will seek out to attain their Certificate of Environmental Accreditation (Green Stamp). To attain an ISO14001:2015 (or Green Stamp) certification, businesses must have their Environmental Management System assessed by a third party. It shows they are committed to achieving legal and regulatory compliance and have demonstrated environmental commitment.

“At Southern Cross Cleaning, attaining our Certificate of Environmental Accreditation was very important to us and our commitment to sustainable commercial cleaning. We are always reviewing and improving our systems and processes, focusing on reducing our environmental impact and staying accountable.”


2. Ensure they use approved green chemicals.


One of the biggest impacts of commercial cleaning is the chemicals. They are not only harmful to the waterways and environment, but can also be harmful to your staff and customers. By ensuring your commercial cleaner is using approved green chemicals, you can reduce these risks and show your commitment to not only the environment but the people who enter your business. Green cleaning chemicals have been assessed for their environmental impacts, certifying them as sustainable, so they can give you confidence in what is being used on your floors, walls and surfaces.


 3.Check they use reusable materials.

Many cleaners will opt for the convenience of disposal or one-use cleaning supplies. A simple practice, such as switching to paperless technologies and reusable cloths, can help lower the sustainable impact your business’s cleaning needs have on the environment. For example, our team at Southern Cross Cleaning in Perth use microfibre cloths and mops, biodegradable materials, green chemicals, energy efficient equipment and more.

We are proud members of SEDEX, an international organisation that provides a platform to manage and improve working conditions in the global supply chain. SEDEX has over 60,000 member organisations from over 180 countries who use this platform to exchange data, manage business risk, meet compliance, and drive positive impact for people. We encourage all our suppliers, clients and contractors become members of this organisation.

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4. Ask about their energy, water and waste minimisation practices.

When looking for a sustainable commercial cleaner, ask about how they minimise the use of energy, water and waste. This may include the use of energy efficient equipment and vehicles, switching to paperless technologies, using products that minimise the need for water and more. Ensuring your commercial cleaner’s Environmental Management System is Green Stamp approved will help you know their practices are at the top of the current regulations and trends.

5. Enquire if they use local suppliers.

Your commercial cleaner using local suppliers for cleaning products, chemicals and other equipment not only supports local businesses, but lowers your carbon footprint for cleaning your business. Using local suppliers reduces the use of transport, lowering the impact of attaining chemicals and cleaning equipment.

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we believe these are the bare minimum steps every sustainable commercial cleaner should take to do their part for the environment. We aim to go above and beyond these, helping you feel confident in the cleaning for your company.

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