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Enquire Now Secure tile cleaning in Perth with Southern Cross Cleaning With over 3 decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we have conducted countless tile cleaning jobs that our clients were satisfied with. At Southern Cross Cleaning, we offer a range of tile cleaning services in Perth to the private, government and public sectors.

Southern Cross Cleaning Offers a Range of Tile Cleaning Services in Perth to All Types of Properties

The expansive look of floors creates an impression, especially in large commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic. Clean and shiny floor tiles give good vibes while dirty, stained and sticky tiles reflect bad hygiene. When it comes to professional and commercial spaces, cleanliness is one of the most important aspects which promotes good hygiene and boosts the morale of your employees. As such, dusting or sweeping floors is not enough!  Tile and grout cleaning is especially needed when your commercial or industrial facility receives heavy foot traffic every day. To prevent mould build-up, regular or periodical tile cleansing through high-pressure cleaning is necessary.  

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we undertake thorough tile cleaning in Perth by deep cleaning of tiles in all tiled areas, including wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Through high-pressure cleaning or clean and capture, we can remove all marks, dust and mould build up. We also do tile stripping and sealing, as well as applying protectors and polishing tiles to restore their quality. Our tile cleaning approach would depend on your surface as well as the environment. We generally conduct high-pressure tile cleaning in wet areas that have suitable drainage, while we use hybrid or clean and capture cleaning for areas where we want to minimise the use of water for, because there is no, or poor, drainage.

Using High-Pressure Equipment for Tile Cleaning Perth

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we use a variety of high-pressure cleaning machines ranging from 1500 psi to 4500 psi, depending on the circumstance. We use the smaller machines when tile cleaning in narrow spaces such as kitchenettes and office pantries, while larger machines are used for external work such as in factories, warehouses and other industrial spaces. 

In some circumstances, fire detection equipment in the facility must be isolated before commencing work, this is to ensure unwanted accidents caused by high pressure from happening. Our Project Managers shall coordinate with you regarding this point to ensure that proper steps are taken before we proceed with our tile cleaning Perth services using high-pressure equipment. 

Before we start cleaning, we make sure to remove all furniture, bins, mats and the like. We also set up the ‘Wet Floor’ and ‘Cleaning in Progress’ signs in entrances for caution. Our professional cleaners shall then apply the appropriate cleaning solution to the tiled areas which not only include floors but walls, showers, toilets, basins, and urinals as well


Clean and Capture Tile Cleaning Perth

The Clean and Capture process makes use of a Razorback Extraction machine with a hybrid dome with two enclosed spinning high pressure cleaning jets that blast the tiles and grout. We use this trusted machine to ensure that the pressure won’t be too high to damage the tiles, or too low to not be able to remove dirt from the tiles. Wastewater is extracted at the edge of the dome, leaving no residue or excess water to stain your tiles when not properly dried. Unlike high-pressure cleaning which requires water, hybrid clean and capture tile cleaning do not require water and can be used in dry areas. 

In using both cleaning machines, it is essential that correct dilution rates are followed to safeguard your tiles, and that the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is easily accessible for further reference. This is to ensure that we do not damage the quality of your tiles or change their colour or texture due to incompatible cleaning agents. When all tile areas are covered, we then agitate the solution with either brush, the Rotowash, or floor scrubbers and are then left to sit for a while before being exposed to the cleaning machines. To finish our tile cleaning in Perth, we squeegee, wet vacuum, and mop the floors dry. All surfaces, mirrors, walls, and partitions are dried and polished, and all furniture and equipment are returned.

Guaranteed Smooth Cleaning Process

At Southern Cross Cleaning, we have over 30 years of experience in the industryAll of our Perth tile cleaning staff are equipped with the appropriate PPE, including ear protection, glasses, gloves, suitable waterproof boots and long sleeve shirts and pants when we conduct professional cleaning services such as tile cleaning Perth properties. Our highly trained and experienced cleaners can remove dirt and stains from all types of tile flooring. Our area managers will periodically check our work to ensure that all requirements are met with the highest standard. Just as we protect our workers, we also protect your floors! You can trust that our team will leave your facility clean and orderly, leaving no trace of our footsteps.

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