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Enquire Now bathroom view with sink and toilet Southern Cross Cleaning is one of the most trusted names for commercial toilet cleaning services in Perth. With over 3 decades of experience in the industry, our high-quality cleaning solutions guarantee satisfaction for all corporate and commercial clients.

Southern Cross Cleaning is renowned throughout WA for its commercial cleaning services which include deep cleaning toilets.

When it comes to commercial buildings and other premises, the toilet or the loo is one of the areas that receive heavy foot traffic. As such, it’s inevitable that there are dust and germs present on the premises. Proper cleaning and regular sanitising of restrooms can lessen the spread of certain serious diseases and removes germs and other pathogens from the toilet. If you are looking for a toilet cleaning crew in Perth, Southern Cross Cleaning is the trusted team that can protect you from various diseases which can be found in a dirty loo.

Our Toilet Cleaning Services for Schools, Offices and Buildings in Perth, include:

Toilet cleaning and disinfection

Tile and grout cleaning

Window cleaning

Eliminating grim and mould build-up

Bin maintenance

Cleaning consumables

Thoroughly Deep Cleaning All Types of Toilets and Urinals

Maintaining and cleaning toilets in a commercial bathroom can be overwhelming without a dedicated cleaning crew, especially in huge establishments like buildings, schools, hospitals, and commercial areas. But since it is essential that your toilets, urinals and other parts of your bathroom be deep cleaned regularly, hiring a professional cleaning crew to service your loo is recommended. 

At Southern Cross Cleaning, our toilet cleaning service usually includes toilet, urinal and sink disinfection. We can also do tile and grout cleaning as well as window cleaning when requested. Our crew is trained to access and clean hard-to-reach places such as the back of the toilet or the underside of the sink. Furthermore, cleaning products may contain a variety of chemicals that can irritate your respiratory system; as such, we make sure to only use non-toxic cleaning agents in all worksites. Southern Cross Cleaning also provides regular inspections and audits which can help to eliminate potential health and safety hazards. We also have a range of cleaning consumables available for all clients throughout Perth.  

A Cleaning Service Second to None

Germs and other bacteria can spread anywhere which is why conducting frequent toilet and bathroom cleaning is very important to prevent the risk of getting diseases. Here at Southern Cross Cleaning, we have a dedicated and remarkable cleaning crew that focuses on everyone’s safety and gives value to maintaining safe and clean surroundings. From offering affordable yet high-quality cleaning consumables to providing thorough toilet cleaning and disinfection, we have been the trusted team in Perth since 1987. Our extensive knowledge of all safe cleaning practices allows us to provide a completely clean environment after all work is completed.

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