Why Choose Us?
- Peace of Mind

Contact Us Southern Cross staff cleaning school building in Perth Our team of experienced professionals will service your facility with the utmost respect and attention. We give our clients peace of mind knowing that they are working with a trusted and valued commercial cleaning company. Our employees are experienced and trained extensively in the latest commercial cleaning techniques and Workplace Health and Safety practices.

Unparalleled Experience & Industry Knowledge

Since 1987, we have provided commercial cleaning services to clients across Western Australia.

Our highly experienced and specialised teams have been part of our growth and expanding services over the years. We create site-specific cleaning scopes and implement systems and procedures that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

We are dedicated to uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. Our objective is to provide exceptional client experiences each and every time we deliver our cleaning services. Our Management Team drives service delivery processes and outcomes which are continuously monitored and form part of our Quality Management System. 

We’re proud to have been awarded our Quality Assurance Certification (click here to view)

This is achieved by:

  • Direct, hands-on involvement by our management team at our client’s sites
  • Regularly monitoring our outcomes, regularly reviewing our services, identifying areas for improvement, and modifying them as appropriate.
  • Obtaining feedback from staff, clients, and other stakeholders.

The Southern Cross Cleaning Difference

Time & Attendance

The use of facilities management software ensures we are constantly managing our workforce and delivering our KPIs. It allows us to view, manage, and automate cleaning operations from a single software platform. This software reassures our clients we always do the right thing and get the job done, every time.

Competitive Prices

Our long-standing experience and well-known reputation within the commercial cleaning sector and allow us to deliver the most competitive prices for our clients.

Insured & Compliant

You can trust that working with us you are in safe hands. We are fully insured and compliant in all WHS practices and respective legislations. We have been awarded a WorkSafe Silver Certificate Excellence in Training Award for our low rate of work-related injuries, our emergency response procedures and comprehensive training.

Our Culture

We support a wholesome culture within our company which benefits our employees and clients. This ensures that morale is kept high, and positive work ethics are promoted, meaning we provide a more efficient and higher quality standard of service.

Electronic Auditing Systems

Our management systems lead our extensive audits which play an important role in ensuring that we continue to provide the best service. Additionally, we address strict external and internal audits through our KPIs which are reviewed regularly and carried out by our Supervisors.

Employee Induction Portal App

We value and promote efficient and comprehensive training and induction processes. We have implemented an employee induction portal, which acts as a one-stop system that our employees can access remotely at any time with all Training Modules, Scopes of Work, Incident Forms, Employee Details, MSDS’ and Safety Alerts.

ISO & CM3 Certified

We hold and upkeep important certifications and qualifications which ensures our continual competence. Our Quality Assurance Certification ensures that we maintain continual improvement; by setting and achieving all KPI’s and that we meet stringent external audits. We go above and beyond to meet each and every requirement.

Environmentally & Sustainably Conscious

We are diligent in our sustainability efforts and our ethos reflects this. We incorporate sustainability in all that we do at Southern Cross Cleaning. We have a focus on limiting our impact on the environment through accountability and ethical practices, as such we have implemented our own personal sustainability standards at all levels within the company.

Easy Consumable Options

We supply our clients with high quality consumables at extremely competitive rates. We provide this service to you to make sure you don’t need to maintain stock levels and orders. We take care of everything for you, providing the simplest service.

Dedicated Site Managers

Our Supervisors regularly carry out inspections and staff performance reviews. We are continually improving and checking our employees and systems in place so we can provide you with the best cleaning service. Southern Cross Cleaning employees are trained and refreshed monthly on various cleaning and safety aspects through our online employee portal.

Customised Scopes of Work

We are flexible with personalised Scopes of Work for each site. As part of our commitment to you, we guarantee to accommodate any cleaning times required or any specific requests or additional cleaning. We are happy to work with our clients to fine-tune the Scope of Work and to minimise the costs while ensuring that the premises are presented in the best possible way at all times.

Top Quality Equipment

We hire qualified and highly trained workers who use our state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques to not only get every surface in your building to sparkle, but to do it as efficiently as possible.

Committed to Giving Back to Local Communities

As a local company, it is important to us that we contribute to and support our local communities. We have taken various approaches to achieve our social commitment, striving to do the right thing and take further measures to ensure the safeguard of our community.