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If you’ve ever tried to clean windows, you’ll know how hard it can be to ensure they are left squeaky clean with no streaks or marks. Add in the inconvenience of a high-rise building, hard-to-reach windows or just a commercial setting in general, and you have a tough job on your hands. That’s why we’ve created this complete guide to commercial window cleaning.

We’ve been cleaning commercial windows in Perth for more than 35 years, including the likes of Onsesubsea, Queens Riverside Apartments and St John of God Hospital. So, it’s safe to say our window cleaning tips are tried and tested. If you want to leave it up to the professionals, we’re also more than happy to help with our Perth commercial window cleaning services.

Benefits of Cleaning Commercial Windows

It’s safe to say you want your business or property to give the best impression possible. Ensuring your windows are properly cleaned is just one way to do this. 

Some of the many benefits of cleaning commercial windows regularly include:

  • Maintaining a clean and professional look to increase your reputation.
  • Improving the lifespan of your windows by removing build up that can harm the strength and transparency of your windows.
  • Keeping your window frames in good condition.
  • Allowing in more light and warmth, reducing your energy bills.

As you can see, there are more benefits to keeping your windows clean than just looking good!

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Is it worth having commercial windows professionally cleaned?

Yes, it is completely worth having a professional clean your commercial windows. Not only do you not have to do it, you save on having to buy and store all the equipment and chemicals, can get access to higher grade cleaning products and you ensure the job is done right. If you have high-rise windows, a professional commercial window cleaner will also ensure the job is done safely, and within occupational health and safety standards.

How often should you be cleaning commercial windows?

You should be deep cleaning your interior and exterior commercial windows at least twice a year, but you may need them cleaned more often. The more regularly your windows are cleaned, the better your windows will look and the longer they will last.

What You Need to Properly Clean Commercial Windows

Commercial windows, high-rise windows especially, require specialised equipment suitable for the environment and size of the job. Some windows may be exposed to more dust, dirt and other air matter that can easily build up. This damages your windows and makes them harder to clean. This is why having access to the right equipment to clean commercial windows is so important.

The essentials for cleaning commercial windows include:

  • Window cleaning squeegee with blade in a range of sizes.
  • Fabric/lamb’s wool washer.
  • Extension poles.
  • Window cleaning buckets.
  • Window cleaning detergent.
  • Ladders.
  • Microfibre cloths or chamois
  • Scrapers or blades.
  • Cobweb brooms.
  • ‘Cleaning in Progress’ signs.

This equipment will allow you to effectively clean your windows as well as remove any stuck-on objects, like tape, signage glue and more.

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How to Clean Commercial Windows, Including High-Rise Buildings

1.Complete a job safety analysis.

A Job Safety Analysis, or JSA, is required for all large window cleaning services, as well as for window cleaning above ground level. Every commercial window cleaning job should have a JSA performed to help reduce risk, particularly for high-rise window cleaning where there is an increased risk of injury. 

The process for a JSA should include identifying the scope of the project and potential hazards, analysing any past incidents to help prevent them from occurring again and documenting control measures. Safety procedures can then be followed, including displaying Cleaning in Progress signs, placing ladders in safe places and more.

 2.Prepare the windows.

Once your safety protocols are in place, it’s time to prepare the window for cleaning. Removing cobwebs and smudges, and scraping off stubborn and hard-to-remove dirt before you apply the cleaning solution will ensure you properly clean the glass. This is where having the right sized poles for removing cobwebs and scrapers to remove hard-to-remove grime on the window.

On the interior of buildings, you may find glue tack or sticky tape has adhered to the window through time and the heat of the glass. It’s important you carefully remove these before cleaning so not to damage the glass or leave smudges.

3.Apply the cleaning solution.

The cleaning solution you use is very important as the wrong solution can leave a film on the glass. Before cleaning the window, you also want to ensure the fabric you use to wipe the windows has no solid particles to help avoid scratches and window streaks. You then want to soak the fabric window washer, wring out excess liquid and coat the entire window; even coverage with a good lather will ensure a high-quality finish.

Professional commercial window cleaners will have access to the right cleaning products and equipment needed to remove even the most built-up grime and high up windows. For instance, our team always has products on hand to deal with any job, including poles and ladders to reach all windows safely.

4. Blade clean the glass.

The right window squeegee will impact how easy it is to clean your windows as well as the finish. You’ll want the right sized squeegee with a blade, as well as a firm grip, to properly clean the glass once the cleaning solution has been applied.

With the right squeegee, place the rubber blade on the glass with firm pressure and at a 45-degree angle. Then, move the squeegee from left to right, top to bottom, using a slight angle to effectively pull the dirt and cleaning solution away from the window frame. Once you reach the bottom of the window, turn the blade and repeat the process, using a square pattern to finish on the right-hand side to push the lathered solution towards the bottom of the window.

5.Finish with a dry cloth.

The final step of a window clean is using a clean, dry cloth or slightly damp chamois. You want to thoroughly wipe the tops and sides of the window frames and edges, ensuring there are no water runs or streaks on the glass. 

An important step is to ensure you are using a clean, dry or new cloth for each window. This may mean cleaning the cloth in between windows or having a fresh chamois to use.

Southern Cross Cleaning are your Perth commercial window cleaning experts.

If you want sparkling clean windows for your business, high-rise apartments or other commercial property, our window cleaners are at your service. We’ve been providing our commercial cleaning services in Perth since 1987, ensuring a flawless clean every time. Contact us for a free quote.

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